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Ukrainian Education Center


Competition, Education


Kharkiv, Ukraine



Design Team



High School Design for Kharkiv, Ukraine


Deliver Design

3º Prize

A school emerging in a unique, challenging, and opportune setting in Ukraine.

As we delved into the creation of this educational space, we wholeheartedly embraced the cultural richness, ideology, and ways of life that define this vibrant community.

Through a comprehensive study of local customs, prevailing climate, and site orientation, we conceived a design that transcends conventional structures.

Our aim was to orchestrate a symphony of volumes, meticulously attuned to a rhythm that seeks the sun's caress, illuminating every nook and cranny of the interior activities.

These volumes, interspersed by an internal garden, not only facilitate the permeability of light and warmth but also establish an authentic connection with the surrounding environment, seamlessly integrating with the landscape that envelops the building.

School Lunch Area

At the core of our proposal lies a formal center—a central distributor and vestibule that becomes the soul of daily activities. Here, within this nucleus, resides the dining area, a space where school life comes alive, crafting indelible memories.

This central space serves as the starting point for the harmonious and fluid distribution of all building functions.

A more formal volume stands out in the distance, metaphorically embodying the pursuit of wisdom through sunlight, symbolizing the path to knowledge.

On the main facade, the upward gesture unveils a gradual transition from formality to nature, emphasizing the building's behavior in its current context.

The auditorium, seamlessly integrated into its surroundings, features a roof that transforms into a garden, embracing the structure and marking a seamless transition from the natural to the constructed.

Within and between volumes, interconnection is achieved through the duality of stairs and bridges, challenging the rigidity of right angles and reflecting the constant pursuit of sunlight and the educational journey, which never follows a straight line.

Regarding materials, we have adhered to a conceptual design philosophy, utilizing light, natural woods indigenous to the region, and glass, in harmony with our commitment to sustainability from the project's inception. This project is not merely an educational structure; it is a testament to our dedication to architecture that integrates respectfully and harmoniously with its environment, addressing specific cultural and climatic needs. We hope this school serves not only as a beacon of knowledge but also as a catalyst for the rebirth of this community, marking the beginning of a new chapter filled with hope and learning.

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