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Full Training Aviation Center




Baja California, México



Design Team





Executive Design Process

The Aviation Training Center consists of three fundamental buildings: a hotel, a medical center, and the aviation academy. Located in a prime location, the buildings are designed to respond to their immediate natural context, respecting both the materials and colors of the area to blend seamlessly with the surroundings.

Despite their different functions, the three buildings share design elements and materials that unify them as part of a single project. This cohesion in design reinforces the center's identity and facilitates an integrated experience for users.

Complex on Air
  • Hotel: Designed to offer comfort and hospitality to visitors, the hotel uses local materials and colors that reflect the surrounding landscape. Its large windows and terraces allow guests to enjoy panoramic views, while its functional design facilitates rest and relaxation.

  • Medical Center: This building is designed with a focus on the health and well-being of its users. Like the other buildings, the medical center employs materials and colors that blend with the natural environment. Its spaces are designed to provide a calm and serene atmosphere, ideal for recovery and health care.

  • Aviation Academy: The core of the project, the aviation academy, is distinguished by its modern and functional design, created to meet the needs of training and education. Using the same principles of materiality and color as the hotel and medical center, the academy maintains a visual and thematic connection with the other buildings in the complex.

Complex on Air

The master plan of the project has been carefully crafted to foster a harmonious relationship between users, buildings, and the environment. The arrangement of the buildings and outdoor spaces promotes interaction and collaboration, creating an environment conducive to learning, health, and rest. This project is a true masterpiece of architecture, where every detail has been considered to offer an optimal experience in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.



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