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Residential "El Rincon"




Loreto, México



Design Team



Nopolo Hills



The residential project consists of three unique homes: Cascabel, Dos Aguas, and Coral, each with different dimensions but maintaining a coherent and harmonious design identity. This development has been conceived with a primary focus on integrating and coexisting with the surrounding natural environment in Loreto, Baja California, Mexico.

In each of these residences, the use of terrazo materials and a color palette inspired by the local landscape not only aims to blend the constructions with their surroundings but also pays homage to the beauty and serenity of the Baja California desert. This architectural approach not only provides aesthetically pleasing homes but also sustainable and environmentally respectful ones, ensuring a living experience in complete harmony with nature.

Casa Dos Aguas
Entrence Garden
  • Cascabel: The largest of the project, Cascabel, features a majestic design with spacious and open areas that promote comfortable and luxurious living. The house is strategically oriented to capture the best views and maximize natural ventilation. The selected materials, along with a warm and earthy color palette, create an aesthetic and emotional connection with Loreto's natural surroundings.

  • Dos Aguas: Medium-sized, Dos Aguas is characterized by its spacious design that offers a perfect fusion between indoor and outdoor living. The common areas are designed to maximize natural light and panoramic views, creating an atmosphere that invites tranquility and enjoyment of the landscape. Neutral colors and terrazo finishes reinforce the sense of harmony with the environment.

  • Coral: The smallest of the three, Coral, stands out for its efficient use of space without sacrificing comfort or style. Its design incorporates large windows and terraces that allow a continuous visual connection with the desert landscape, while the use of local materials, such as terrazo, facilitates an organic fusion with the environment.

Design MASMX
Casa Cascabel



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