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This luxury residential building, located in the vibrant Mexico City, rises four stories high and represents a monumental project in terms of design and execution. The façade, which borders on perfection, has been designed with a deep understanding of its role and location, harmoniously engaging with the urban environment in both design and materiality.

From the moment of entry, the building surprises and inspires with its connection to art, situated in a neighborhood that breathes creativity. Upon entering, residents and visitors are greeted by an impressive quadruple-height atrium that establishes a tone of grandeur and sophistication. Dominating this space is a monumental staircase that, more than a mere functional element, presents itself as a true work of art. This staircase, with its sculptural design and exquisite materials, becomes a focal point, inviting admiration from every angle.

MAS MX building in Mexico City

The walls of the atrium and common areas are adorned with vibrant murals and various pieces of contemporary art, creating an environment that celebrates the aesthetics and culture of Mexico City.


The choice of concrete as the primary material not only provides a sense of modernity and robustness but also adds an interesting contrast with the artistic expressions surrounding it. This duality between the coldness of concrete and the warmth of art underscores the building's sophistication and its ability to integrate different elements into a visual harmony.

Each residence within the building has been designed with the utmost care and attention to detail. The interiors feature a mix of luxurious finishes and innovative design solutions, ensuring that each space is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Large windows allow abundant natural light to enter, while panoramic views of the city enhance the experience of living in a dynamic urban environment.

The building also boasts a range of amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents. These include a fully equipped gym, entertainment areas, and green spaces on the terraces, all designed with the same attention to detail that characterizes the rest of the project. These facilities not only provide comfort and luxury but also foster a sense of community among residents.

The design of the building focuses not only on aesthetics and functionality but also on sustainability. Energy-efficient technologies and waste management systems have been incorporated to minimize the building's environmental impact. This concern for sustainability reflects a commitment to the future of the city and the well-being of its inhabitants.

This building is not just a place to live but an aesthetic experience in itself, where every detail has been carefully considered to offer an environment that reflects the artistic spirit of the neighborhood. With its innovative design and deep integration with the urban context, this project redefines the concept of luxury residential living in Mexico City. Every element, from the imposing façade to the smallest details, has been thought out to provide a unique experience that combines art, architecture, and comfort in perfect harmony.

Interior Design in Mexico City



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